Don Primo™ offers the highest quality products at the best price.

Don Primo Single Origin Hash Bomb Prerolls

Don Primo™
Single Origin
Hash Bomb™ Prerolls

Flower, Bubble Hash in 1 gm Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

Don Primo™
Premium Select
Single Origin Flower

Hand-trimmed premium bud. Available in 3.5 gm jars.

Don Primo™
Premium Extracts
Single Origin Sauce

Don Primo Cannabis-Infused Lemonades

Don Primo™
Cannabis Infused Lemonades

Available in 12 oz Classic, Pink and Black Cherry. Fast acting formula.100mg THC. California’s best value.

Don Primo Cannabis-Infused Lemonades

Arnold Bomber™
Cannabis Infused

A 12 oz tea and lemonade flavored cannabis infusion with 200mg of THC! Fast acting and heavy hitting.